Jobsite & Logistics Management

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Jobsite & Logistics Management

Timberline has extensive experience working on tight, urban sites, often on or adjacent to operational facilities. The key to mitigating the impacts and inconveniences associated with congested sites is planning and organization. Detailed work plans must be created so that construction is sequenced in the most efficient way. These work plans will serve as a guide to everything from determining how much staging space will be needed to subcontractor parking requirements.

Another valuable tool for constructing on a tight site is the use of LEAN processes, specifically just-in-time (JIT) delivery. JIT creates efficiency in the handling, staging, and installation of materials through advanced planning. For instance, rather than delivering materials to the site long before they will actually be used, deliveries will be timed to arrive “Just-in-Time” for installation.

With JIT, there is a significant reduction in material stock on the job site, which frees up storage and staging facilities, while also improving flow and efficiency on site.

With limited space on site, good housekeeping is paramount. Our jobsites are kept neat and orderly. Stored equipment is covered and protected and material is not allowed to accumulate on site.

Our superintendents create a custom logistics plan for each project that determines where the jobsite access points will be, the egress plan, locations for the storage and staging of material, subcontractor parking, crane locations, trash bin locations, haul routes, etc.

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