Bidding and Subcontractor

Our comprehensive bid packages have clearly defined scopes of work to eliminate unknowns that cause bidders to add contingencies to cover unknowns

Bidding and Subcontractor Selection

After conducting constructability reviews and creating the initial schedule, our team will be able to develop comprehensive subcontractor bid packages that are easily understood by the subcontractor community. Since subcontractors most often compete for their work on a fixed price basis, we must define the scope work clearly and completely to eliminate ambiguities that cause bidders to add contingencies to cover unknowns. We then distribute the bid packages to our extensive network of subcontractors.

Timberline has established an extensive list of pre-qualified subcontractors. We evaluate subcontractors and determine the most qualified by looking at:

• Capacity to effectively manage the project and staff it appropriately
• Experience working on similar projects
• Ability to maintain schedule and budgets
• Safety program and safety track record

• Bonding ability

As we receive subcontractor bids, we will compare them to our internal estimate, evaluating them for completeness and accuracy, prior to subcontractor award.

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