Constructability Reviews

Constructability reviews allow fine-tuning and the coordination of design when impacts of changes are the least costly and the potential for cost savings is the largest.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews clarify design issues before they become costly change orders during construction. Our team evaluates intangible issues that are not necessarily addressed in the drawings. We will make recommendations regarding construction materials, means and methods, and systems analysis in order to deliver the highest quality project within the budget and schedule established by the Owner.

We will respond quickly to any questions requiring resolution before construction can move forward. We will communicate regularly and professionally with you and the design team to ensure there is a clear understanding of comments.

Constructability Reviews improve bid packages and make them clearer to the trade contractors. Timberline’s in-house Constructability Review process is comprised of three primary components. First, our dedicated Estimator, Oliver Moradkhani, performs a building system analysis to identify potential construction issues. He ensures the details are buildable, he checks for details that may delay the schedule, and he identifies long lead items. Second, our team conducts a thorough review of the construction documents to determine overall quality and constructability. This is where our team may also suggest alternative construction methods or materials to enhance constructability. Lastly,
we collaborate with key subcontractors for their perspective on constructability. Specifically, we work with key mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire life safety (MEPF) subcontractors early in the process to gain their first-hand knowledge on constructability issues, value engineering suggestions, and material selections.

Overall, constructability reviews allow fine-tuning and coordination of design when the impacts of changes are the least costly and the potential for cost savings is the largest.

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